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Oct 22, 2021
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25th Sept 2021

It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Freddie Fu. There can be no doubt that he was legend in the world of knee surgery. He was unique and an inspiration to so many – for knee surgery and for many other facets of his leadership and life. He will be sorely missed.

Click on the below links for the details of his amazing life:


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George "Kim" Hewson
University of Kentucky
Schoen Clinic Munich Harlaching Department of Knee, Hip and Shoulder Surgery Harlachinger Strasse ...
Boston Children's Hospital Harvard Medical School
Fortius Clinic, London, UK Imperial College, London, UK
Sydney Orthopaedic Research Institute University of Sydney ( Associate Professor ) Queensland Uni...
prod em dr orthop surgery and trauma
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Clinica do Dragao - Espregueira-Mendes Sports Centre FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence RI Rhode Island Hospital, Providence R...
Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic 3M Centre University of Western Ontario London, ON N6A 3K7
Head of Knee Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Kantonsspital Baselland (B...
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Kobe University School of Medicine
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine.
OSU Sports Medicine Research Institute Department of Orthopaedics The Ohio State University
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Department of Joint Surgery and Sports Medicine Graduate school of Medical and Dental Sciences Tok...
Hospital for Special Surgery, New York
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
Escola Paulista de Medicina - Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil
University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
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Welcome to International ACL Registries. Our purpose is to have detailed information about how you plan, start and run an ACL Registry. At the end we hope to present an analyze database with information from all existing ACL registries in the World.

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About The ACL Study Group

The ACL study group was organized 25 years ago by a small group of orthopedic surgeons with a common interest in the anterior cruciate ligament. Today, Dr. John Bergfeld organizes this large international study group that meets every 2 years to exchange information in an informal and friendly atmosphere.